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Rainbow Explorers
Turn off the T.V.
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Rainbow Explorers encourages you to turn off the T.V. and explore with your children!
The facts are that African-American children, on average, watch more TV than other groups. Too much television can lead to obesity and aggresive behavior. Kids watch and then mimic the behaviors and attitudes they see on TV. We have a responsibility to protect them from that.
Additionally, a national study found that children who watch little or no TV tend to have longer attention spans, spend more time in physical activity, get along better with others, spend more time reading, are more creative, do better in school, interact more with siblings and friends, choose better "heroes", ask for less toys..... 
In our family we appreciate the benefits of homeschooling children with active imaginations. Our children have more hobbies and interests than we can keep up with. They are currently building a website, learning about coin collecting and paper airplanes, recycling trash to make into art, taking apart appliances to learn about them and then putting them back together, sewing a pillow, cooking, writing ( stories, songs, recipes, etc..), learning about history, and many more things.
We have included suggestions and links to information and activities to help you. Remember, learning can be fun. The T.V. can be a great tool but too much of it will extinguish your childs natural creativity and desire to  learn. Have fun exploring with the following ideas!



Read one chapter each night from an interesting chapter book as you put the kids to bed (our kids loved Wind in the Willows,All of a Kind Family as well as the Addy series).
Let children draw pictures of the scenes in the book while you read to them.
Encourage them to write letters to their favorite authors and see if they get a response!
Make going to the library a family affair.
Go to the ALSC to get a list of the books that have won Coretta Scott King, Caldecott, or Newbery medals.
Check out Rainbow Explorers list of suggested reading for kids and parents.
Join book clubs and programs such as Pizza Hut's Book-it, Barnes&Noble's summer reading program, the Sammie Young Readers Club or your local library's reading program.

But there's nothing to do...

Go to the Library or a Local Bookstore

Start a garden

Write a Letter

Take a Walk, a Swim, or a Bicycle Ride

Ice-skate, rollerskate or Roller-Blade

Get the news from the radio or Newspaper

Start a Journal or Diary

Make a Scrapbook or Photo Album

Cook a Meal with Family or Friends

Make paper bag costumes and have a parade

Play hopscotch, hide & seek, or freeze-tag

Learn about the native trees and flowers in your area

Or you could.....

Play a Game

Watch the clouds

Look at the Stars

Tutor a Child

Attend Local Plays and Sports Events

Listen to Music

Do Yardwork or Household Repairs

Sign Up for a Class

Sit Down for Coffee (or Tea) and Conversation

Make a friendship bracelet

Visit the zoo

Go to a museum

Study sign-language

Climb a tree

Taken from where you can also submit artwork and poems, stories, etc...


Or try where you will find a "Concoction of the Month" to make.

October 19-25 is Teen Read Week

Let us know if there are any web sites that you enjoy and we'll consider including them on this page!